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Fabrics and Metals Fabrics with a low porosity weave, so that any stain absorption is naturally kept at minimum, are subjected to anti-spot treatment. Tarnished metals by NDF bijoux can be cleaned with a suitable cloth for metals or glass without water. The slight oxidation will easily be removed. NDF bijoux in fact uses only brass and copper that can easily recapture its original splendor.. Furthermore some jewelry in copper and brass are protected with non-toxic paints and cold enameling. It is a good habit, after use, to store the artifacts in the provided packaging in order to maintain their luster and prevent accidental damage.

Curiosities Copper and brass are excellent bactericides, preventing bacteria to grow and spread to such an extent that in the past they were widely used to make handles and taps. The metals' luster is due to the joint action between atoms that make them up and light. The unpaired electron absorbs energy from the light which tries to move to a larger orbit but is attracted back by the nucleus and thus gives away the light's energy and creates the shine.

Sources Trading Verona's beautiful landscapes have always inspired Nunzia De Feo a deep respect for the environment, considered an asset of humanity, to preserve and protect. Craftsmanship and the choice of materials, at the heart of every creation by NDF bijoux, well reconcile with this ideal. Copper, silver plated copper and brass, absolutely free of nickel, are bought exclusively in Italy by prestigious companies operating in full compliance with the environment and the laws. These have been chosen for their resistance to wear, their malleability, their historic charm and not least their luster and they well suite everyday life. They do not fear water or similar substances, are well tolerated by the skin, except for specific personal allergies, and when lightly oxidized they can be easily cleaned (see before). Vintage fabrics, crystals and stones are found in various fairs and flea markets in Italy and abroad, or received as a gift, in order to confer the NDF jewelry line an eclectic and sophisticated touch. What is more, fabrics with a non-porous weave, that are naturally stain-resistant, are carefully selected.
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